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We are quite simply different from every other aircraft broker out there.   We don't buy or sell all types of aircraft, we don't work with junk airplanes (missing or questionable logs, undisclosed damage history etc.) and we don't treat our clients like they are walking through the lot of a used car dealer.  We are selective in which airplanes we choose to market and use technology as much as possible throughout the listing, advertising, and sales process to bring the best possible customer service to our clients.  

What do we offer each and every one of our listing clients is the best possible customer experience and the best advertising in the aircraft industry.  No matter what kind of aircraft you are selling - piston single, twin, helicopter, turbo-prop, or jet - our advertising is tailored to match your target buyer and ensure your aircraft sells quickly.

1.  You will be assigned an Account Executive knowledgable about your specific type of aircraft to guide you through the entire process.  

2.  We clearly define all fees and all of our responsibilities in advance so you know exactly what to expect.  

3. A photographer will travel to your location at no expense to take extensive detailed photos and videos of your aircraft at your location or a location that is convenient to your flight schedule or business needs.   The photographer will also digitize all aircraft maintenance logs since new.

4.  We build extremely detailed advertising for all the major publications, websites, and local posting locations to ensure your aircraft receives the attention it deserves.  

5.  Our team of experienced professional pilots and Sales Executives will handle all phone calls, emails, and other inquiries on your behalf.  All offers will be presented to you in writing for consideration.

6.  We walk both the Buyer and Seller through every step of the deposit, escrow, financing, inspection, insurance, and closing process to ensure things go smoothly for all parties involved in the transaction.