If you own a high-performance piston single, turboprop or jet aircraft or if you are considering purchasing such an aircraft selecting a reputable aircraft management company to ensure its’ safe and cost efficient operation is extremely important.

We offer comprehensive, turnkey aircraft management programs tailored to each client's individual needs.  We take the guesswork out of aircraft management including crew staffing, training and oversight, scheduling, coordinating maintenance, record keeping, billing, insurance, and compliance with all applicable FAA regulations. 

Our primary goal is safety.   Our crews attend nationally recognized type specific training and recurrent training programs that exceed FAA and industry minimum standards.  Our maintenance and ground crews complete yearly recurrent training and in their areas of operation and all of our employees undergo yearly background checks and security training.

Aircraft Scheduling

We handle all scheduling and trip planning for all our clients.  This includes aircraft prep, maintenance, crew scheduling, catering, transportation, FBO selection, hotel reservations and much more.  You or your passengers simply show up at the airport and board the aircraft.

Aircraft basing and support 

We will locate hangar space at your preferred airport and negotiate short or long term hangar and facility lease terms.  Owners often relocate their aircraft on a seasonal basis and we will arrange temporary or seasonal hangar usage to ensure your investment is protected no matter where you are.


We provide monthly operational reports and billing that detail aircraft usage, and all expenses such as fuel, maintencnace, catering, crew, and management fees.  Unlike many management companies we don't markup prices on parts, maintencnace, or FBO fees.  We also provide monthly projections on upcoming required maintenance and any operational restrictions that may impact scheduling or aircraft usage.