Buyer's Agent Service

Sellers have Aircraft Brokers looking out for their best interests.  That's exactly why you should have someone looking out for your interests while trying to get you the best possible airplane for the money.  Whether you are buying your first airplane or trading up to something bigger, faster, or better, let us represent you and your interests throughout the purchase process.  

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent - $99 upfront retainer fee and 2% of the sale price of the aircraft at the time of closing.

1.  Initial Research

We take the time to get to know you as a client and as a pilot.  Your flying experience, ratings, certificates as well as your intended mission, personal preferences, and budget are all important to the process.  Many clients have a single make or model of airplane in mind before they start their search while others prefer us to provide several of the best possible options.

2. Market Survey

We analyze all possible aircraft, both on and off the market, to develop a broad list of candidate aircraft that fit your mission, preferences, and budget.  Our experienced agents, FAA A&P / IA Mechanics, and you as the client work together to narrow the list to roughly ten candidate aircraft.

3.  Log Book and Maintenance History Review

Our team obtains and thoroughly reviews ALL maintenance logs from the aircraft remaining on the candidate list.  We rank those aircraft based on possible maintenance issues indicated by the logs, equipment, upcoming required maintenance (phase checks, overhauls, etc), and best overall value.

4.  Purchase Negotiations

Your Agent will contact the seller or the seller's representative and negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf.  Our purchase agreement ensures that you are protected throughout the purchase process and are entitled to all applicable pre-purchase inspections, test flights, appraisals, and evaluations.

5.  Aircraft Inspection / Appraisal

Our extensive network or mechanics, appraisers, and FBOs makes arranging an impartial, thorough, and accurate inspection a snap.  We can recommend shops and individual mechanics based on their reputation, expertise, and our past experience to ensure potential problems and maintenance expenses are identified prior to closing. 

6.  Financing, Insurance, and Training

Whether you're a cash buyer or want to finance your investment our team will shop around for you to arrange the best possible financing and insurance coverage for your particular needs.  A new aircraft almost always means some sort of initial checkout to meet insurance requirements or personal comfort minimums.  We will arrange approved instructors or schools to provide required type ratings, mentor pilots, ground school, dual instruction, or insurance checkouts to ensure you are a safe and proficient aviator.

7.  Title, Escrow, and Closing Services.

We work seamlessly with your bank and professional title and escrow service companies to ensure that the closing process is simple and painless.  Ensuring that everything is in place at the time of closing not only avoids delays but also saves additional costs for travel, crew charges, etc.  We ensure that the proper paperwork is filed with the FAA and International Registry as required to ensure your 100% legal to fly the airplane home at the scheduled time.

8.  Ferry Services, Pilot Staffing, and Aircraft Management

Let us arrange professional, experienced, and insured ferry pilots to get your new aircraft back to your home airport.  Whether the aircraft is located on the other side of town or the other side of the world we can ensure it is moved safely and efficiently.  Often corporate operators require pilots or flight attendants to staff their new aircraft until their existing pilots and crew members have been trained and checked out on the new equipment.  We have a massive internal database as well as external contacts to find you capable and experienced pilots or flight attendants to meet all of your crew staffing needs.

We also offer full Aircraft Management services no matter where you are located in the world.  Let us take the hassles out of owning and operating an aircraft by keeping track of all required maintenance and inspections as well as crew scheduling, aircraft improvements, and equipment upgrades.